Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is a project of the Cecilia Beaux Forum developed to support the aesthetic and technical growth of female figurative artists in America.  The program fosters relationships between individual established artists and advanced emerging artists. From self and external critique of portfolios, to refinement of work habits and guidance on individual projects, the Mentoring Program seeks to build a synergy of methods to help you cultivate a healthy, successful artistic practice.

We recognize that every professional relationship is different. Our Selection Committee uses application materials, including a questionnaire and a portfolio similar to those required by agents and brokers, to pair mentors and protégées.  Media, proximity and the protégée's needs and goals are all taken into account.  A staff liaison will provide support and resources over the course of the 9 month program. The mentor and protégée will confer and decide on a program structure that will work with both parties' time constraints and toward the protégée's goals.  This is not a classroom program, but we do recommend meeting in person with your mentor at least once during the program year and maintaining a regular contact schedule.  Applicants not accepted for the program year will receive a written critique with their returned portfolio.

Application Requirements
To apply, you must:
  • Have proficiency in your medium
  • Be a Portrait Society member in good standing- Join or renew today
  • Be a Cecilia Beaux Forum member in good standing - Join or renew today
  • Submit an application/ portfolio according to the application guideline
  • Pay the $35 application fee


Who Participates in the Mentoring Program?
Previous mentors have included

Past program participants, called protégées, have included:
Greer Jennison
Judy Takacs
Sandra Templeton

Program Cost
The total program cost is $350.  Your application fee of $35 will be counted toward the total program fee, if you are accepted.  The application fee is non-refundable. We invoice protégées for the balance of $315 after the program begins.  We are happy to discuss payment plans for protégées who would like to pay the total cost over a series of weeks or months.  The program fee helps offset administrative costs of the Mentoring Program. The fee is not paid directly or indirectly to our Mentors. Our Mentors donate their time and expertise to this program.

Application Fee                 $35
Program Fee                     $315
Total Cost                         $350