Committee Mission 
The Exhibition Committee is tasked with developing exhibitions and sharing information to provide women artists encouragement, access resources and exhibition opportunities.  The committee developed the triennial Inspiring Figures exhibition, is developing plans for a competitive online exhibition, and will provide relevant information, reviews and articles for the eNews.  Through these efforts, we intend to help women artists better reach the public and to help provide the public increased access to women artists and their work.

Inspiring Figures
Visit the www.inspiringfigures.org website.
Inspiring Figures was an exhibition and series of educational events that first showed at the Butler Institute of American Art September 12 - October 31, 2010. Artwork by historic, invited contemporary and a juried group of contemporary artists in combination with multi-media educational programs and materials, will explore the roles of American women artists as innovators, sources of inspiration and mentors. 

Grand Prize Winner
Marina Dieul, Aenor, oil on linen, 10x8"
Exhibit & Competition
The collection of 38 artworks featured historic works and notable artwork from acclaimed contemporary artists in combination with juried work from a competition to offer a panoramic perspective of American women's roles as sources of inspiration and as mentors cultivating a culture of excellence.  $15,000 in prizes were offered to competition winners.

Educational Programs
In addition to the art works included in the exhibition, the Committee organized a series of educational activities, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts:

Guest Lecture The Politics of Portraiture: Cecilia Beaux, Mary Cassatt, and Thomas Eakins by Sylvia Yount, Louise B. and J. Cochrane Curator of American Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Film Viewing ─ Who Does She Think She Is?
A film viewing of the feature length documentary film directed by Pamela Boll which offers insight into the lives of five women artists from across the USA.

Artist Panel: Leslie Adams, Ellen Cooper , Catherine Prescott, Lea Collie Wight A panel of artists from the Inspiring Figures exhibit discussed their approach to the creative process and how they overcame challenges in their artwork and profession.

Live Demonstration
Judith Carducci demonstrated her technique for creating a figurative work, including concerns of palette, lighting and interacting with the sitter.

Portrait Academy featured a Portrait Demonstration by Dawn Whitelaw and a full-day workshop with Dawn Whitelaw and Judith Carducci

Invited Artist Panel: Wende Caporale, Rose Frantzen, Nancy Guzik, Rhoda Sherbell Invitational artists from the Inspiring Figures exhibit ended the opening celebration with an educational discussion and Q&A on technique, inspiration and creative vision.

Family Fun Day provided a coloring book, scavenger hunt and portrait project at two Family Fun Days for K-12 students and visiting families.

Dial-In Art We used interactive technology to offer museum-goers and individuals with catalogs the opportunity to hear each artist discuss their work, technique and vision by simply dialing a toll-free number

Catalogs are still available from the Inspiring Figures exhibit for $9.95 shipping each. The 64 page, full-color publication documents every artwork in the exhibit in addition to biographies of each artist and quotes about their processes and inspiration. Call toll free 1-877-772-4321 to order your copy today or order your copy online.

Inspiring Figures will be held again in 2015, after which it will be a triennial event.
Visit the www.inspiringfigures.org website.

Online Exhibition
The Exhibitions Committee is working to develop on online exhibition to be held in years opposite Inspiring Figures. Check back for details on this project.